Contact Address: PO Box 13350, Portland, OR  97213


Monthly Meeting Location: Pacific Crest Community School
116 NE 29th Ave, Portland, OR 97232
NE Davis and 29th Ave.

Chair/Co-chair:  Jay Harris
Vice Chair:  unfilled
Secretary:  Halley Baars
Treasurer:  Francesca Patricolo
Land Use Committee: Elliott Mantell
Crime Prevention chair:  Elliott Mantell
Picnic Committee:  Francesca Patricolo
Movie in the Park coordinator:  Fredric Maxwell
Annual Spring Clean-Up Chair:  unfilled
Communications Chairs:  Josie Booth, Dave Weaver
SE Uplift Board Member:  unfilled
SE Uplift Land Use Representative: Mike Petticord
Bike/Pedestrian Committee Chair:  unfilled
Sustainability Chair:  Mike Petticord
At Large members:  David Kirchfeld,  Michael Fox, Ryan Woodward, Aaron Cardella