Portland for Everyone will be presenting at the January KNA meeting

Portland for Everyone is a coalition of community organizations, individuals, and local businesses that support those land use policies that will help provide abundant, diverse & affordable housing options in all of Portland’s neighborhoods 삼국지 소시전 다운로드. Together, we will urge the Portland City Council and other civic leaders to make inclusive and equitable land use and funding decisions that will:

Provide plenty of affordable and diverse housing options in all Portland neighborhoods
Prioritize housing for historically and currently under-served populations
Prioritize housing for humans over housing for cars
Allow more people to live in areas with good access to transportation, parks, and services, and
Create and maintain economically diverse neighborhoods 더 프레데터 2018 다운로드.
The organizations and individuals that comprise Portland for Everyone don’t agree on everything. But, we do all agree on those five over-arching goals for our city 진격의 마스터 다운로드. Some organizations also wanted to share more about how they enter the housing & land use conversation, and what their top priorities are. Please find their statements below Illustrator Brush.

Learn more on their website: http://portlandforeveryone.org

And facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/portlandforeveryone/