2019 Kerns Buckman Community Collection Event: Saturday April 20th


From its origin as a fall event, the combined community of Buckman and Kerns neighborhoods have hosted an annual spring clean-up since the 1990s, providing residents a chance to recycle or dispose of disused items from their households, and to support, through donations, various activities of the neighborhoods, including picnics, holiday gatherings, and other occasions new resume form.

Donation: $15-40 depending on load (bicyclists are free). Money raised goes toward the costs of the collection event and for other neighborhood events in the Kerns and Buckman communities adobe 다운로드.

Accepted Waste Materials. Bulk household waste of a non-biodegradable nature (paper, plastic, glass, cloth, metal), furniture, small appliances, tires removal of km player ads. Automotive batteries. Yard debris. Paint cans without lids and dried paint are acceptable.

Accepted Recycling Materials. Computers, televisions, cell phones, LCD/CRT/DLP monitors, printers, and other electronics Ted video.

Materials Currently Not Accepted.*

Food waste or household garbage. Large appliances (washers/dryers/ranges/refrigerators/air conditioners/water heaters),  exercise equipment 리틀 포레스트 일본 다운로드. Fire extinguishers. Hazardous waste, flammables. Styrofoam. Batteries: alkaline, mixed, rechargeable. Button cell batteries, non-rechargeable lithium metal batteries 구글 인증서 다운로드. Lamps & tubes: Fluorescent, Compact Fluorescent, High-intensity Discharge, Halogen tubes. Yard debris.

The CCE is unable to accept: construction debris including wood scrap, concrete, dirt, paint, or items potentially containing asbestos (tiles, insulation, old siding); food waste, household garbage, batteries, fluorescent bulbs/lamps/tubes, large appliances, hazardous waste, or flammables 뭉쳐야뜬다 44회 다운로드. *Contact Metro for disposal of these items.

Volunteer Info. Volunteers will sort and dispose of items brought into the event based on re-usable potential, and may also pick up litter or tackle graffiti around the Kerns and Buckman neighborhoods. If volunteering, please register at the Buckman Kerns CCE link on the SOLVE website (www.solveoregon.org) 중고나라 매크로 다운로드. Necessary waiver/sign-up/report forms can also be completed onsite.